Season of lights


As we move into the Winter months and after a very dark year for many – lighting can be really important to help lift the mood of our homes and public spaces.

Christmas lights in outdoor spaces

Its no surprise that the councils in Northern cities in Britain spend on average more per head on Christmas festive lighting than in the South. In fact according to 7 out of the top ten city spenders are in  the North,  with Glasgow and Dundee taking the top positions.

Christmas Lights Dundee
Christmas Lights in Dundee Scotland

Indoor lights during Winter

Whilst there is nothing better than natural daylight, with careful planning and good lighting interior spaces can be transformed. This is the perfect time of year to experiment with lights and turn them into a feature or even a focal point in a room or space. 

The Nordics (Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland) treat interior lighting as a well crafted art form – subtle and beneficial for homes this time of year. 

Danish home lighting
Danish home lighting

Festival lights a celebration and a feature

Then there are also the festivals in Winter and Autumn (Fall) which carry the theme of light. They are a celebration of adversity, struggle and survival. Both the Hindu festival of Diwali and the Jewish festival of Hanukkah are characterised by using lights this time of year. They have symbolic ritual meanings and are temporary features in many homes

Hanukkah lights
The eight candles of Hanukkah Candle and the shamash or helper
Diwali lights indoors
Diwali lights indoors

With LEDs and a move away from fossil fuels this could also be a good time to explore lighting as relatively energy efficient and sustainable way to up lift a space this time of year. With good planning and attention to detail it could be a permanent way to lift the mood of your spaces.

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