Opening a building after lock down

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We asked our plumbers, technicians what were the best steps to re-opening a property after a long closure or lock down . This post offers some tips if you are getting ready to open up a building again.

Plumbing and water

Isolation valves under a sink

Turning the water on should be an easy task, look out for any isolation valves that might have been turned off as well. These tend to be located near sinks. The mechanism is usually simple to operate, simply turn on or off with a screwdriver.

Recommendations for preventing Legionella:

Turning on all taps and showers for five minutes after a period of not being used will help get rid of stagnant water.

Keep the boiler on and make sure the hot water is set to at least 60C. This will kill bacteria such as Legionella.

Keep the cold water temperature in a store maximum 20C. Legionella can not survive below this temperature.

For more information on best practices see this guide as issued by the (HSE) The Health Standards Authority: download document

HVAC and refrigeration equipment

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment will run better when it is serviced regularly. Whilst the building is quiet, now is a good time to book a technician to service the building’s climate control systems like boilers.

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