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How to style your home for home working

Rachel Makin Room Interiors

This article was written by leading interior designer Rachel Clifford from Room Interiors. Rachel works with the serviced accommodation sector throughout Liverpool and Merseyside.

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Now more than ever people are working from home, whether it’s at a dining table, a kitchen
worktop or you are one of the lucky ones who can dedicate a whole room to a home office. Creating
this unique workspace can be challenging, but do not let that stop you making it stylish and inviting.
Things to consider making your home office work for you.

Creativity in small spaces – where a room is not solely available consider designating a small space or an area of wall as your workstation.

Functionality – Keep the area organised and clutter free, try using fun objects as organisers. Repurpose things you have lying around into something you can use within the home office that are stylish and quirky. 

Lighting – The quality of your home office lighting is key to increasing productivity. Poor lighting can lead to reduced energy and eye strain. The position of light or lamps can illuminate the whole space without the glare. Layered lighting is best so try and choose a desk lamp to compliment the main light fitting in the room.

Furniture – Whatever your budgeta good supportive office chair is a must, good posture is essential but keep it in sync with the style of your other chosen furniture. Try and keep matching woods and materials together. If you go for a white desk, then try adding a pop of colour with using a brightly coloured chair.

Scheme – When choosing your colours for your home office think about the amount of natural light that it gets. North facing rooms get less sunlight so warm colours like cream, beige and lemon would work. South facing rooms that get lots of natural light can work with cool colour tones i.e. greys, blues and greens.