Using Humbrix to manage an office refurbishment

office phone booths

The phone booths

Office fit out – Humbrix goes on site

This time we decided to get more involved in this project for a Liverpool co-work space called Lab by Capacity and and be on site as well as being the remote project manager. The design brief was simple: design and make two phone booths with a central break out space .

The concept floor plan here:

This was not a just a simple hack – the carpenter from Joined up Solutions re-used and recycled existing furniture from the office. The only parts that were from outside were the perspex for the doors and the inside handles. Wood that was left over was used for planters and a Japanese inspired arch – or Tori.

What was Humbrix’s role?

Humbrix is essentially a tool for builders, traders and other building professionals. As well as booking, managing and scheduling the jobs, we help to ensure that the parts are supplied and the job is finished to the specifications of the customer. We also look after payments if needed. We try to keep things simple and local within the circular economy (local suppliers) and we match jobs with the right traders.

This approach means are able to continually improve the delivery of building, refurb and maintenance works throughout the city and areas we work in.

Measuring the impact

To calculate the Carbon Foot Print we used the calculator on this web site:

The approximate Carbon Foot Print figure based on the 20 mile journey is 4kg – set for an average diesel van (Class I)

All materials were recycled including the saw dust, minimising waste sent to landfill

We asked how popular the phone booths and break out space and feedback has been great, with regular use throughout the day.