About Humbrix

How to use Humbrix to search and schedule services for your buildings

How does it work

Whether you are the home owner, property owner, tenant, or building manager we want to make it as simple as possible – just tell us what service you need we will text you quickly back (within an hour) and schedule the service based on what you have told us. Photos and descriptions of the building always help us to identify the right solutions so please include them. Humbrix can be integrated into existing property management systems or used on when in need basis.

Who does Humbrix arrange the services with

We work with local companies and professionals who are certified where applicable in the sector they work in. We always match the job with the right worker to ensure compatibility and efficiency in delivering the services you requested.

What makes Humbrix different from other platforms

Speed – Humbrix is about removing the hassle of finding building services that other platforms may not be able to deliver. Our system is designed to cut down response times and make allocation of building services such as maintenance jobs easier for traders to manage.


Humbrix offers different cost packages depending on the service you require and the urgency. You can review the standard call out chargers here for electricians, plumbers and heating engineers and carpenters.

There are no charges for: quotes or site visits for prospective works

Call out fees are applied for identifying problems for example in electrical faults.

All service professionals are certified and trained in their current trade and will provide you with recommended remedial actions. You can decide to proceed or arrange with another service professional. 

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