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Telephone or text to 07450646038 with your enquiry

Notification about Your Health and of Tradespeople / Health and Safety  

Whilst we will try and focus on providing services for all our customer, the health of all Trades People is also a priority. Please ensure that before you make a booking that the property is clean,  and that steps have been taken to minimise any potential spread of germs.

Spaces should be also be accessible where feasible.

Liverpool and Merseyside – Humbrix

Humbrix quickly deliver building services for just about any of your property and construction needs.

We work locally in Liverpool and Merseyside with dedicated property service professionals such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and joiners who respond quickly when we notify them of the jobs you want doing. Whether you are a home owner, landlord, business manager or tenant we can help. Please goto the search form above to request a service.


We currently operate with technicians, trades people and engineers who specialise with property in Liverpool and all of the Merseyside area.

Liverpool - Humbrix

Landlord, property manager, tenant

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